Monday, 19 June 2017

The Raspberries keep Coming


What an amazing year for cherries and raspberries. Our cherry tree actually gave us some sweet tasty fruits, not the sour ones we’ve had in previous years, but our friends and neighbours trees are something else, just laden with fruit. Help yourself they said, but our bowlful didn’t even scratch the surface. However lovely they are, you then have the job of de-stoning them which a messy and time consuming job, so however tempting it is to pick some more, I’m not sure I fancy anymore de-stoning. Now raspberries are much easier to deal with, pick, wash and freeze, simple. So far I’ve given away 2 bowlfuls, frozen about 15 kilos, made jam, smoothies, clafoutis, sorbet, crumble, raspberry betty, eaten them with ice-cream and yoghurt and they are still coming. I forgot to stir the sorbet and it was like a brick, so had to turn it out and bash it with a rolling pin, but its easier to eat now.





Sunday, 21 May 2017

La Vallee du Thouet Cycle Ride

This is a ride that we’ve been wanting to do for a while, cycle from Saumur to Le Beugnon, 150km along the River Thouet through Thouars, Airvault and Pathenay. We’d put it off, because how were we going to get back, with our bikes at one end and the car at the other?? Our problem was solved by our friends Sue and Bob who wanted to come with us, the extra car made planning so much easier. It was decided to do the ride over 4 days/3 nights at B&B’s with the first morning and last afternoon travelling and dropping off cars. There had been good intentions of getting our rear ends saddle ready before the ride, but for lots of reasons that didn’t happen so with only one bike ride under our belt and with a bit of trepidation we set off from Saumur to our first stop at Montreuil-Balley, a distance of 24k. Day 2 – 63k to Airvault. Day 3 – 53k to St Aubin le Cloud. Day 4 – 22k to Le Bougnon finishing with a delicious lunch at A La Bonne Vie who were kind enough to look after our bikes while we collected the car from Saumur. As expected, we all had sore derrieres at the end of the ride but not enough to put us off, as we are planning another ride soon – Niort to La Rochelle.

Thouet 6
Thouet 7
Thouet 8
Thouet 4
Thouet 2
Thouet 10
Thouet 9
Thouet 11
Thouet 13
Thouet 5